海町 (Umimachi)

Koji Onaka (Tokyo, JAPAN)

This is the book recorded the landscapes of the quiet port town located Sanriku district in '91 -'93 during my journey.
On March 11,2011,all of a sudden,thease area were hit by "The Great Higashinihon Earthquakes".
Now those scene has became "lost scenery" since almost all the cities are disappeared by tsunamis.
Yasunori Hoki and I decided to turn them into book to leave thease beautiful scenery in history with people's memory.
We dedicate this book to all the victims.
18.6 x 23.5 cm
80 Pages
55 Images
Hardcover clothbound
Doubletone offset
Limited edition of 300,2011
ISBN 978-4-905052-19-7
The first edition is limited edition of 300 copies with signed original Silver Gelatin Print specially made by the artist.