Ciel Tombé - Boxed Edition

Naoya Hatakeyama (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Newton's apple stopped as it fell on the ground but this is not the end point of gravity.
The earth's surface is merely a hand held out in the middle of a fall and gravity penetrates this, leading further down towards the center of the earth.
Include a copy of the book "Ciel Tombé" by Naoya Hatakeyama, signed C-print by the artist on verso and a copy of the novel "The Astrologer" by Sylvie Germain.
Limited edition of 200 + 20 APs (100 + 10 APs for each of two original prints.)
Ciel Tombé by Naoya Hatakeyama
17 x 30.2 cm
48 pages
30 images
Full color Offset
First edition of 200, 2011
ISBN 978-4-905052-08-1
THE ASTROLOGER by Sylvie Germain
22.6 x 10.8 cm
72 pages
Black & White Offset
ISBN 978-4-905052-26-5
A choice between two original prints. Each print is a limited of 100 + 10APs.
17.1 x 29.7 cm
19 x 33.2 x 4 cm