Ciel Tombé - Boxed Edition

Naoya Hatakeyama (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Newton's apple stopped as it fell on the ground but this is not the end point of gravity.
The earth's surface is merely a hand held out in the middle of a fall and gravity penetrates this, leading further down towards the center of the earth.
It is said that in the ancient times, there were people who worried that the sky they looked up to would fall some day. Though it is difficult for us living in an age of science to imagine the view of "the sky falling down if we consider this as meaning that "the sky is a place above us resisting gravity, we can imagine the anxiety of ancient people. The blue sky above was probably not an "empty sky but a "place for them.
And the sky fell down. It penetrated vertically through cities, architecture and our bodies, falling underground. The sky has now become an ancient layer of earth permeating below the city we live.
Naoya Hatakeyama
Include a copy of the book "Ciel Tombé" by Naoya Hatakeyama, signed C-print by the artist on verso and a copy of the novel "The Astrologer" by Sylvie Germain.
Limited edition of 200 + 20 APs (100 + 10 APs for each of two original prints.)
Ciel Tombé by Naoya Hatakeyama
17 x 30.2 cm
48 pages
30 images
Full color Offset
First edition of 200, 2011
ISBN 978-4-905052-08-1
THE ASTROLOGER by Sylvie Germain
22.6 x 10.8 cm
72 pages
Black & White Offset
ISBN 978-4-905052-26-5
A choice between two original prints. Each print is a limited of 100 + 10APs.
17.1 x 29.7 cm
19 x 33.2 x 4 cm