Shinken Shirahadori

Muga Miyahara (Tokyo, Japan)

From the first time I started taking pictures 23 years ago, and up until now, I have encountered a variety of things.
From each and every encounter, I feel and pick up a sound, which becomes a component of various scales on musical notes.
In the end it transforms into a single melody.
There are so many feelings of surprises, joys, and sadness and laughters interwined in the melody.
To live one`s life. I set to open up a path of life.
Shinken Shirahadori

look inside

w27 x h21 cm
200 Pages
163 Images(color)
Full color Offset
Japanease and English text
Limited edition of 800
Published in 2014
ISBN 978-4-905052-65-4