Harvey Benge (Auckland, New Zealand)
JH Engström (live between Värland, Sweden and Paris, France)
Roe Ethridge (New York, USA)
Takashi Homma (Tokyo, Japan)
Ron Jude (New York, USA)
Daido Moriyama (Tokyo, Japan)
Christian Patterson (New York, USA)
Slavica Perkovic (Paris, France)
Bertien van Manen (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Terri Weifenbach (Washington,DC., USA)

LOST HOME is a collaborative bookwork project involving ten internationally known photographers.
Each have responded to a specially commissioned prose poem written by Japanese screen-writer Nobuyuki Ishiki, twice winner of the Japan Academy Awards best screenplay award.
The photographers were each given, within a common book format, complete freedom of content and design to individually express their own understanding of the idea of LOST HOME.

w18.2 x h25.6 cm
24 Pages x10 Photobooks
32 Pages x Prose poem work
Softcover : comes in a slipcase
Japanease and English text
Limited edition of 1000
ISBN 978-4-905052-57-9