Between the Dog and the Wolf / 2nd edition
Slipcase edition
Joel Meyerowitz

¥12,000 JPY
Limited edition of 50 + 10APs
Housed in a slipcase,
Signed and Numbered certificate is attached.
Published in 2019
ISBN 978-4-908512-71-1

The Dog and the Wolf work came to me, as so many things in photography do, as a simple, momentary observation that penetrated my consciousness and in that flash of recognition expanded to something that seemed to me then, as if it was a real idea! That the idea of pools (the dog) that were by the edge of the sea (the wolf) could be a subject was a real awakening. And then, to find out that the French have a name for the Blue Hour, which they call Between the Dog and the Wolf, immediately planted in my mind the double potential of that time of day when the Evening out of the light makes things difficult to see, and at times, simple, innocent things pick up traces of another aspect of spirit or personality. This subtle shift from the known to the unknown, from the tame to the wild became the underlying idea from which these works emerged.

限定100部 + 10APs
Published in 2019
ISBN 978-4-908512-71-1

「Between the Dog and the Wolf 」は、写真の多くと同じく、私の意識を貫く単純な一瞬の観察から生まれ、そして一瞬のひらめきによって、真のアイデアだ!と思えるような何かへと膨らんでいった。海(オオカミ)のそばにあるプール(イヌ)が撮影のテーマになると思ったのは、ほんとうに一瞬のひらめきだった。その後、フランス語にはマジックアワーを表わす“イヌとオオカミの間”ということばがあると知ったとき、すぐにその時間帯が孕む二重の可能性というアイデアが頭に浮かんだ。光が消えゆく夕暮れには物が見えにくくなるが、ときに単純で何気ない事物が精神や人格の思いがけない面を浮かび上がらせることもある。この既知から未知へ、飼い馴らされたものから野生へという微妙な変化がアイデアの根幹となって、この作品群は生まれた。