City Confessions #2 LONDON
Special Edition
Ed Templeton

¥35,200 JPY

Photo book with print
*Choice between 3 different images
Each print is limited edition of 10

Print type: Silver gelatin print
*produced by Ed Templeton in his home darkroom by hand
Print size : 5 1/2 x 8” (13.97 x 20.32cm)
*signed,stamped and numbered by artist on verso

Published in 2021

The City Confessions series is a collaboration between photographer Ed Templeton and the book publisher Super Labo based in Tokyo.
Each volume presents a photographic story about a specific city that Templeton has spent significant time working in over multiple years. The series will be released periodically and later be slipcased together as offered as a set. Although the work is often documentary in nature, these books are not meant to be a comprehensive documentation of a city but rather a visual diary describing the rhythms of an urban center as Templeton wanders the streets making photographic notations on the social fabric, architecture, and details of interest. Each edition features a specific edit and sequence of photographs offering Templeton’s observation of a city and the humans existing within it, like a film set on location where the scenes play out with a cities’ well known landmarks in the background.


エディション : 各10部  
プリントタイプ : 銀塩バライタプリント
プリントサイズ : 5" x 7” (127 x 178mm)