sleeping cat
Special Edition
Koji Onaka

¥25,000 JPY
Includes signed Print,mounted in a mat with hard cover folio  set together with a book in a slipcase.
Numbered certificate is attached to the folio
Limited edition of 128 (one of each of 128 images)

Print type : C print
Print size : w15.2 x h10.2 cm
*signed by artist on verso

Published in 2018
ISBN 978-4-908512-24-7

Please specify the number of the desired print when you order.

Trivial but lovely bits and pieces I encountered in the corners of the streets during my travels.
Unable to overlook them, I captured them with my camera and accumulated these film rolls in a small box in my darkroom.
Stations, restaurants, taverns, hotels, windows, and many others––I shot each one of them being afraid I could never see it again.
I am sure this small box will please some people, for it is my treasure.


プリントタイプ : Cプリント
プリントサイズ : w15.2 x h10.2 cm
Published in 2018
ISBN 978-4-908512-24-7


いくつもの旅の途中、街の片隅で出会ってしまったガラクタのような、けれど愛おしいあれこれ。 見捨てていけずにフィルムに収めて持ち帰り、暗室の棚にある小箱に溜め込んでいました。 駅、食堂、酒場、旅館、ウインドウ、次にこの街に来たときにはもう会えないだろうと思うから。 この小箱をきっと悦んでくれる人がいるはずです、僕にとっては宝ものなのですから。