Glorious Days
Herbie Yamaguchi

¥11,000 JPY

It was 1985 when I first met guitarist Torayasu Hotei. He was the guitarist for the up-and-coming band BOØWY. Thirty-seven years have passed since then. There have been happy encounters and painful good-byes. I think that is life. We are all living our lives to the fullest, each of us betting on our own potential. During those 37 years, he showed me many new perspective. I have also spent more than 10 years in London. Although the fields of music and photography are different, they share many things in common. When you get to the bottom of any field, there remains only one word: "What is life? I believe that the life of someone who achieves something is made of talent, effort, challenge, passion, and enjoyment. I felt this way when I was near him.
This photo book is a documentary of the life of Tomoyasu Hotei, a man of rare talent, who has crossed the seas and interacted with many musicians, and is still pursuing his dreams.

w25.7 x h34.2 cm
120 Pages
74 Images
Hard cover
b&w Offset
First edition
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-908512-65-0



w25.7 x h34.2 cm
120 ページ
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-908512-65-0