Antoine d'Agata

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Paradigms. Certitudes collapse and reality dissolves into splintered sequences. The accumulation of images is the symptom of an absolute impossibility, an overflow, a permanent dissolution of senses and reason. The abundance tends toward saturation. Intoxication, intemperance, and expenditure lead to the atomization of the image inside an infinite contraction of time. Figures exposed to the destructive gratification of desire go through the confusing time of agony, end up suspended in that banal vacuum that is their unique destiny. No possible communication. Reason is sacrificed to the realm of sensation. My strategy of living rests on the movement of excess as its only principle. It is doomedto dissolve into physical exhaustion. Splayed indefinite aesthetic forms slowly become a single flux of consciousness. Antisocial and amoral, the language takes shape from immediate confrontations of individual beings with the physical world.

A source of disorder, it carries within itself the seeds of action. The dissolution of forms eradicates arrogant photographic rules, contaminates our understanding of reality, reveals the bodily experience of facing the void, of sacrificing to oblivion through the dissolution of accepted limits. What is left is humble. Fatality of ignorance. Pushing physical limits, relentlessly trying to possess the world through absorption and adsorption, I no longer fear death, nor the eyes of others.

Antoine d’Agata

W12.4 x h18.2 cm
256 Pages
126 Images
Hard cover
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 1000
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-911112-05-2




W12.4 x h18.27 cm
256 ページ
126 イメージ
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-911112-05-2