Alberto Polo

Born in Barcelona in 1974, where has lived most of his life, Alberto began riding a skateboard at an early age and grabbed a camera soon after to shoot photos of his brother and friends skating around the hood. At the same time he also started documenting the local punk rock scene and all foreign bands visiting the city.
Never thought the decision of focusing on both youth passions would marked his life for ever but it did. With not really trying or thinking much about becoming a photographer or publishing at all, he ended up committed to document the subcultures for over two decades, travelling the globe with skateboarders and shooting rock shows and bands on the road.

He has contributed his work to some of the most notorious European, American, Australian or Japanese skateboard magazines, getting countless features, covers and advertisements and illustrating numerous music magazines pages and record covers.

Has widely exhibited his work, from his skateboarding and music photographs to more personal bodies of work and has published three books prior to joining forces with Super Labo to put out “The Urge of Living” (2023). “Hasta la boya y volver” (2013), documenting the life on the road of indie rock band Nueva Vulcano and two different issues of a diaristic/street photography series titled “Love Life” (2015 & 2021).

Currently working on several personal photo projects and future books as usual, Alberto is also teaching photography at EINA, design and arts school in Barcelona.