Benjamin Deberdt (Paris, France)

Born in 1971, Benjamin Deberdt has spent most of his life in Paris. A home-base that allowed him to witness and document his second passion after photography: skateboarding. Beyond the actual act of taming city architecture, Benjamin was lucky enough to experience the birth and growth of a culture, or rather the agglomeration of the diverse energies surrounding skateboarding. What once was a very tiny world, nowadays echoes through youth culture at large. Always excited by the now and who is making it happen, Benjamin continues to document defining characters and moments. Therefore accumulating a visual history, shot from an insider perspective…

Over the years, he’s been published in many publications such as Slap (us), Transworld Skateboarding (us), Jalouse (fr), Freestyler (fr), Crash (fr), LoDown (ger), Anzeige Berlin (ger) or Le Colette (fr),. He also contributed photographically to books such as Dysfunctional Äi0(Booth Clibborn Editions), Phil Frost Äi0(Damiani), Young, Sleek, and Full of Hell Äi0(Drago), Résumé Äi0(Gingko Press). He also collaborated with Mark Gonzales on Le Cercle Äi0(IzRock Pressings),

Le Cercle with Mark Gonzales (IzRock Pressings) This Was Just Now series, self-published photo zines/artist books, since 2015.

(group and solo) Exhibitions:
2018-2019 “Skate Dads”, shown in Paris and Bordeaux, France
2017 “Atelier Publimod 10 ans”, Paris, France
2006 “Artprint s’expose” Colette, Paris, France
2005 “Play: a photographic exploration”, Upstairs Fanelli, NYC, USA
2004 “Enjoy The Silence ” Proud Gallery, London, UK
2003 “A Surface In Between” Arthouse, London, UK
2002 “Sub Kultura”, Roxy Gallery, Praha, Czech Republic
2002 “This Is Me ”, traveling exhibition, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris
2001 “The Side Effects Of Urethane ” The Jam Factory, London, UK
2000 “Features” Max Fish, New York City, USA
1996 “Shredsled Symposium” Thread Waxing Space, New York City, USA
1996 “The Salon”, Alleged Gallery, New York City, USA
1995 “Dysfunctional” Blue Note, London, UK