Bruno Morais

Bruno Morais started his career as a photographer when he was finishing his degree in physical education at the Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro and was documenting folkloric festivals in Brazil. He founded Coletivo Pandilla in 2009 and became part of the Escola de Fotografos of Maré and the agency Imagens do Povo in 2010 in the favelas of his hometown. His visual research focuses on the exploration of non-affirmative documentary language where the audience, with its imagination, still finds room to complete the narrative according to its own cultural background.

Through expanded documentary practices he addresses complex topics that deserve a more layered understanding from the audience in order to avoid the use of photography as a stereotype engine. From African rooted religions to systematic targeting of black people in Brazil, Bruno Morais digs into obscure and hidden sources to complete the limited panoramic that mass media provide when it comes to understanding the world. His work has been exhibited FotoRio, Paraty em Foco (Brazil), Lagos Photo 2016 (Nigeria), San José Photo 2016 (Uruguay), Encontros da Imagem 2017 (Portugal), and at the festival Rencontres d´Arles 2018 (France).

He lives and works his mostly long term documentary projects between Brazil and Mexico.