Charles Johnstone

Charles Johnstone is a born and bred life long New York City based Photographer. He has self published 15 photo books. Including his five New York based, Ruscha influenced monologues which include the well known , “ Thirtyfour Basketball Courts”.
In recent years Johnstone has turned his attention to working with expired Polaroid Film . He has self published two trilogies using this medium, the most recent titled “Muse” which featured three actresses from the 1950’s and 60’s. Setsuko Hara, Monica Vitti and Moira Shearer . Johnstone photographed the actresses off his TV set from some of their iconic films. His earlier trilogy included the three titles “Libby”, “The Girl in the Fifth Floor Walkup” and “Je ne sais Quoi” involve three different women from his life. He affectionately refers to this series as the “Walkup Series” as all three women lived in walkup apartments.