Chris Shaw (Paris, France)

i am the author of the A3 sized photobook LIFE AS A NIGHT PORTER and also a number of other mainly black and white projects,sandy hill estate.
weeds of wallasey,portrait of the artist as a young man,budapest guide 89`chat et souris

my last solo exhibition was as guest of honour at tokyo photo in association with tate modern in october 2011,in the past ive exhibited with danzigger projects,erick franck,open eye gallery,arles rencontre,779 gallery paris,kahmaan gallery amsterdam.

my photographic prints are in permanent collections including carnegie museum,pittsburgh,erick franck,martin parr,erik kessels,douro olouwu,..weinstein gallery minneapolis..archive for war and conflict,holland park,michael name a few and yet i have no permanent gallery representation..(!?)
in 2004 chris shaw won the independent on sunday fashion photography competition judged by Alexander mcqueen&nick knight