Peter Granser (Stuttgart, Germany)

Peter Granser was awarded numerous prizes and received much support for his work.

He was appointed to the WPP Masterclass in 2001 and given the Arles Discovery Award, the Deutscher Sozialpreis in 2002, aswell as the Oskar-BarnackAward in 2004. In 2006 Peter Granser was a stipendiary of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.

His works have been exhibited internationally and are presented in public collections as the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, USA, the FundaciónOrdóñez-Falcó, Spain, the Foto museum Winterthur, Switzerland, the Klein Collection or the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Graphische Sammlung, Germany.

Books published to date

Peter Granser 2000-2007, Superlbo, Japan
SIGNS, Hatje Cantz, Germany / MOCP, Chicago
Coney Island, Hatje Cantz, Germany / Galerie Mennour, France
Alzheimer, Kehrer, Germany / Galerie Mennour, France / La Fabrica, Spain
SunCity, Benteli, Switzerland

autumn 2011 J'ai perdu ma tête, Kodoji, Switzerland

Peter Granser is a member of the POC-Project: