17 Days
Special Edition
Terri Weifenbach

¥45,000 JPY
Photo book with print
Limited edition of 20 + 2APs

Print type : Archival pigment print 
Print size : 8 x 10 (20.3 x 25.4cm)
*signed and numbered by artist on verso
Published in 2012

The new book, "17 Days," openly suggests synchronicity: Events, large, small and everything in between, happen globally and simultaneously. But those events' conjunction deserves digging and questioning, urges "17 Days," to discover whether our individual perceptions might connect and relate them. The book does just that by documenting, in words and pictures, the hatching of four robins and their magical insouciance during 17 days in the middle of a year on the photographer's front porch.

エディション : 各15部

プリントタイプ : アーカイバル ピグメントプリント
プリントサイズ : 20.3 x 25.4cm
Published in 2012

この本はただ作家の自宅の玄関の前に出来たコマドリの巣でひながかえる様子を17日間にわたり文章と写真で記録したもの。しかし"17 Days"はこの世の出来後(大きいもの、小さいもの、又、それらの中間のもの全て)が地球規模で同時発生していることを公に暗示しています。