Ash Wendnesday, New Oreans
Alec Soth

¥7,800 JPY

I went to New Oreleans for Mardi Gras but couldn't handle all of the communal joy.
I decided to spend Fat Tuesday alone in my hotel room watching TV.
I left the room for the midnight police sweep of Bourbon street,the official end of Mardi Gras-then photographed the aftermath.
Ten years ago I photographed Adelyn on the morning after Mardi Gras.
"Just cigarette ashes," she'd told me.
Adelyn agreed to meet me again outside of St.Louis Cathedral.
On the way back to my hotel,i stopped at the casino.I ran into a women I'd photographed earlier outside of the cathedral.
She agreed to come to my hotel room to be photographed.


18.2 x 25.6 cm
32 Pages
39 Images
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 500, 2010
ISBN 978-4-905052-02-9