Cristina de Middel + Bruno Morais

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The collaborative photo series "Boa Noite Povo" by Magnum photographer Cristina de Middel and artist Bruno Morais explores the extremes of human life, mythology, and political sentiment through depictions of nature. The project is set in Bahia, Brazil, and revolves around both wild and domestic animals captured within the artists' home and in the surrounding Mata Atlântica jungle. These animal subjects are presented alongside various interventions, including printed collages, archival photographs, mirrored surfaces, and household objects. Through these experimental elements, the series invites viewers to question and reconsider their understanding of photographic representation.
De Middel and Morais have been captivated by the wildlife in the region since 2017, and their work delves into the definition of nature and culture within the current political and economic climate.
The creative process behind "Boa Noite Povo" is characterized by experimentation, with the artists utilizing their home as a backdrop filled with books, objects, old photos, and other materials. By intensifying the interactions between animals, objects, and vegetation, the artists document and reflect upon the inherent tension between human presence and the natural environment.
The project incorporates diverse visual aspects, ranging from nature photography and staged still lifes to archival images and symbolic objects. These elements emerged organically through the artists' experimental exploration, rather than adhering to a structured conceptual framework.
Additionally, the critical perspective provided by the text written by Brazilian philosopher Fabiano Lemos lights on the potential superficiality and hypocrisy in human-nature relationships, particularly when confronted with political and economic power.
Overall, "Boa Noite Povo" is a visually compelling and conceptually rich project that examines the complex relationship between nature, culture, and political dynamics. It invites viewers to question established beliefs, consider ancestral knowledge, and reflect on the current state of our environment and society.

w23.6 x h26 cm
144 Pages
76 Images
Hard cover
Full color Offset
First edition
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-911112-00-7
ISBN 978-4-911112-01-4(Slipcase edition)

マグナム・フォトグラファーのクリスティーナ・デ・ミデルとアーティストのブルーノ・モライスによるコラボレーション写真シリーズ「Boa Noite Povo」は、自然の描写を通して、人間の生活、神話、政治的感情の極限を探求している。このプロジェクトは、ブラジルのバイーアを舞台に、アーティストの自宅や周囲のマタ・アトランティカのジャングルで捕獲された野生動物や家畜を中心に展開される。これらの動物たちは、印刷されたコラージュ、アーカイブ写真、鏡面、日用品など、さまざまな介入とともに展示される。これらの実験的な要素を通して、このシリーズは、写真表現に対する理解を問い直し、再考するよう鑑賞者を誘う。
「Boa Noite Povo」の創作過程は実験的であることが特徴で、アーティストたちは本やオブジェ、古い写真などで埋め尽くされた自宅を背景として活用している。動物、オブジェ、植物の相互作用を強めることで、アーティストたちは人間の存在と自然環境の間に内在する緊張を記録し、考察している。
全体として、「Boa Noite Povo」は、自然、文化、政治力学の複雑な関係を考察する、視覚的に説得力があり、概念的に豊かなプロジェクトである。この作品は、既成の信念を疑い、先祖伝来の知識を考察し、私たちの環境と社会の現状について考えるよう、見る者を誘う。

w23.6 x h26 cm
144 ページ
76 イメージ
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-911112-00-7
ISBN 978-4-911112-01-4(Slipcase edition)