Mark Cohen

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Most of the pictures in this book were made over the last ten years.

I walked around the city and took pictures just like I have always done with no preconceived idea of what subjects to select.
One picture at a time. Each complete in itself. Forty years ago I worked in the same way and with the same technique of taking a very fast and spontaneous image up into the camera and landing it on the film inside.Some of these pictures from the 1970’s are included as a way to illustrate my initial impulse to photograph still lifes. Often strange rebuses like images of snow flakes on a cabbage leaf. The picture possibility had to be decided almost unconsciously - so I snapped and I saw it for the first time in the darkroom, in the negative.

They are not all sharp or made by looking thru the viewfinder.
They are accidental and automatic. and taken furtively and quickly as if when I saw the man or the fragment of food or waste paper I wanted to just pick it up and place it into the cameras as a note - on a frame of the film inside.

That way these pictures are discovered only after the film is developed. First I made a 16x20 inch print of each negative and in it the grain and composition of elements came out to help solidly fix the idea of sleeping on the sidewalk , near a curb attached to a small crust of bread.

What else may have happened is that in-between the few pictures of homeless people that are included is the grounding of their lives with the still lives and landscapes set between them.

It is a catalog of the surface that is with more detail and subjectivity than the modern global view from space.

w22 x h28 cm
88 Pages
70 Images
Soft cover(hand sewn/mitsume-togi)
Doubletone offset
First edition of 800
Published in 2024
ISBN 978-4-911112-09-0


どんな被写体を選ぶかという先入観を持たずに、いつもと同じように街を歩いて撮影した。一度に一枚ずつ。それぞれがそれ自体で完結している。 40年前、私は同じ方法で、同じ手法で、非常に速く、自然発生的なイメージをカメラに取り込み、フィルムに着地させた。1970年代に撮影されたいくつかのこれらの写真は、静物写真を撮りたいという私の初期衝動を説明する手段として含まれている。 キャベツの葉の上に雪が積もっているような、奇妙な判じ絵もよくある。写真の可能性は、ほとんど無意識のうちに決めなければならなかった。だから私はスナップし、暗室で初めてネガでそれを見た。


そうすることで、これらの写真はフィルムの現像後に初めて発見される。 まず、それぞれのネガを16x20インチのプリントにした。そのプリントには、歩道や縁石の近くで小さなパンの皮にくっついて眠るというアイデアをしっかりと定着させるのに役立つ要素の粒と構図が浮かび上がってきた。



w22 x h29 cm
88 ページ
70 イメージ
初版 800部
Published in 2024
ISBN 978-4-911112-09-0