Porcelain Nude
Yasumichi Morita

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Yasumichi Morita describes his Porcelain Nude series as “like producing three-dimensional sculpture in the two-dimensional medium of photography.” New works in the series zoom in on details of two female figures intertwined in complex fashion, creating intricate curves that could not be made by one person alone. Soft, gradual arcs intersect at acute angles. In these interactions we can see movement, contrast, even hints of distinctive personality.

Morita aims in his photography for effects like porcelain sculpture, and in exploring the possibilities of curves produced by two female figures, has come to portray the relationships between these two figures. Although the photographs show only minimal fragments of the figure, each one conveys a clear sense of the time the two subjects and the photographer Morita spent occupying the same space. Through the unique grace of the female form, dynamic fluidity is fixed in frozen moments.

There are an infinite number of instants that can be captured, just as there are no limits to the possible arcs described by soft human forms. Bodies like porcelain intertwine endlessly in a monochromatic world frozen in two dimensions.


w18.7 x h25.4cm
64 Pages
39 Images(b/w)
Hardcover partly clothbound
English & Japanese texts
First edition
Published in 2017
ISBN 978-4-908512-08-7


と、自身の〈Porcelain Nude〉シリーズについて語る森田恭通。
一人では表現できない複雑なアール(曲線)。柔らかなアールが交差することで 生み出される鋭角。そこには動きがあり、対比があり、人格さえも見透かされてしまう。
究極のアールを探すうちに、「関係性」さえも写し取るようになっていった。ミニマルな 断片しか写されてはいないのに、そこには二人の被写体と、撮影者である森田が過ごした 明らかな“時間”が感じられる。女性の体が持つ特有の“たおやかさ”を媒介にして、“瞬間”が定着された。柔らかな身体が生み出すアールが無限に存在するように、定着された瞬間 にも終わりはない。いつまでもモノクロームの世界の中で、陶器のような肉体を絡み合わせている。


w18.7 x h25.4cm
64 ページ
39 イメージ(白黒)
Published in 2017
ISBN 978-4-908512-08-7