Special Edition
Joel Meyerowitz

¥130,000 JPY
Photo book with print
Limited edition of 10 + 2APs

Print type : c-prit
Print size : 20.4 x 25.6cm
*signed and numbered by artist on verso
Published in 2009

This book is a remake of the book "REDHEADS" by Joel Meyerowitz published in 1991. This masterful suite of portraits by one of the most acclaimed photigrapher in america is a celebration of all readheads people, young and old, male and female.

For more than ten years Joel Meyerowitz has been captivated by their aesthetic allure-as if he were fisherman, he writes in the introduction to this book, finding rare tropical fish. Intrigued by what they have described to him as their common spiritual bond, Meyerowitz has sought them out in places-on the beach, at nightclubs-where they most disarmingly reveal their features and personalities. Although red-heads represent perhaps two percent of the population of the United States-and therefore a tremendous variety of people-these pictures (most of them seen here for the first time) suggest that the indivisuals share a thread of looks and emotions.

エディション : 10 + 2APs

プリントタイプ :  Cプリント
プリントサイズ : 20.4 x 25.6cm
Published in 2009